SimTek Stone Fence


Install a Beautiful SimTek Custom Fence for Your Home or Community

SimTek fence is the perfect option for any home or community. With an elegant stone appearance, our product will add a beautiful touch to any outdoor area.

Perfect for any setting, SimTek is a great vinyl fence alternative. Its strength and durability help it to stand up against the toughest abuse, including repeated hits from a baseball hurled at over 90 mph. The SimTek decorative backyard fence features the look and feel of natural granite stone, but it doesn’t carry the high price tag typically associated with traditional rock / stone walls.

The SimTek yard fence has many benefits over more expensive stone walls or concrete fence options. This vinyl fence alternative is maintenance-free, never requiring sanding or painting, and it is graffiti resistant. If anyone tries to mark on your fences with paint, it can be removed with a simple, citrus-based cleaner.

All SimTek fences are built to stand against the elements and extreme temperature changes, and they have a lifetime warranty to back them up. Created not to fade from the sun's rays, the panels are also reinforced with steel rails in the top and bottom so they have extra strength.

To find out more about having this amazing fence installed in your backyard or community neighborhood, just request more information through our website. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be able to provide you with information on our durable fences that resemble rock / stone walls.

The SimTek fence offers the strength and durability of concrete walls, but it is basically maintenance-free. SimTek fencing requires no painting or sanding, and it is actually graffiti-resistant. Any paint sprayed on the walls can quickly be removed with a citrus-based cleaner and a high power pressure washer.

Unlike many imitation stone walls, SimTek fences are reinforced by steel rails at the top and bottom of each panel and also inside every post.

Maintenance free fence from Simtek comes in several different color varieties of imitation stone fence and walls. Stone looks great and works well for many different applications around your home, office or business. SimTek is built to last for generations, regardless of the surrounding weather conditions. Our lifetime warranty backs up our guarantee on the durability and quality construction of our maintenance free fences. From cold, wintry areas to hot, arid regions, our maintenance free fence works well in every environment and adds an elegant touch to any setting.